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Why many patients in Belfast choose Affinity Dentists

September 18th, 2012

Families in Belfast choose Affinity Dental as their Belfast DentistWhy do many of our patients hail from Belfast? Well its simple, Affinity Dental Care is very easy to get to from Belfast. In fact we are much closer to South Belfast than many other Belfast Dentists.

Another reason why many people who live in Belfast choose Affinity as their dentists is that we are a family friendly practice. We are happy to enroll your children as NHS patients if you are treated here as well. Being based in our location on the Moss Road our overheads are not as high as other dental practices in Belfast City Centre meaning we can offer excellent value on many of our cosmetic treatments such as;

So if you live or work in Belfast and you want a Dental Practice that is easy to get to, has on site parking and is great value for money then contact us now by completing the form or call us on 02892665588.

Back to School Offer – 15% off Sports Guards during September & October

September 13th, 2012

Young Boxer wearing dental Sports GuardIf you or your children play sports such as rugby, hockey, cricket or boxing where there is a chance of a trauma injury to the mouth then you should definitely consider a Sports Guard cover. This will protect the entire surface of the teeth providing a cushion to help to prevent damage.

We’ve all known people who’ve walked off the sports field with chips, cracks, broken or even dislodged or lost teeth. A Sports Guard can help minimise these types of trauma.

A Sports Guard provides a protective layer to cover the teeth and gums should you receive a knock or blow to the face. Our dentist will take an impression of your teeth and have a guard specially made at the laboratory to fit you perfectly. We can even order them in your team colours!

We recommend that you have a new Sports Guard made at the start of every sporting season. Younger patients who might still have some baby teeth should get a new Sports Guard every time their teeth change to ensure a perfect fit.

Contact us now to order your new Sports Guard before 31st October and receive a 15% discount. That means a single colour guard will be as little as £44 and a two colour set can be provided for £53.50.