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Generations of the same family visit Affinity Dental.

All members of your family are welcome at Affinity Dental.

Your first visit with us will be for a full dental screening, this will include an oral cancer check, gum health check, jaw joint and muscle check as well as a full dental examination. All of this will enable us to formulate a possible treatment plan, and allow us to discuss with you the further possible options for your future oral health.

After the examination is completed we will discuss the conditions present and the most satisfactory treatment plans for you. Also at this visit, appointments will be scheduled, estimated fees given, and available payment plans presented. We do offer the Denplan Scheme to our patients details of which are available on our website.

If treatment is indicated, we will attempt to restore optimum dental health in as few well planned appointments as possible. We appreciate the value of your time and know the importance of a controlled budget. In return we expect from you, equal consideration in attending for your appointments on time and meeting the agreed upon financial arrangements.

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