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Clear Braces Orthodontics at Affinity DentalYou don’t have to live with crooked teeth. We offer the revolutionary Inman Aligner to help you achieve that perfect smile in  a matter of weeks.

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Orthodontic Treatments

At Affinity Dental Care we have a range of orthodontic solutions to offer our patients. Contact us for a FREE orthodontic consultation if;

  • you are concerned about the alignment of your teeth
  • would like to improve the appearance of unwanted gaps and spaces between your teeth or
  • require teeth straightening orthodontic treatment

During your consultation we can discuss the most suitable orthodontic options for your needs and to suit your budget. For those patients who require orthodontic treatment on both the upper and lower teeth we include FREE TOOTH WHITENING as part of the treatment.

The Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is an orthodontic appliance that has been around for many years to treat problems with alignment of your front teeth. They have gained popularity more recently due to the media attention that they have received, and their advantages over fixed metal braces.

Here at Affinity Dental Care, Dr Rachel Emerson is our Inman Aligner expert.  During your consultation she will discuss with you how the Inman Aligner could benefit you or if alternatives are available. The benefits of the Inman Aligner are:

  • They are an alternative to Invisible Braces
  • Only one appliance is required – no need to change every 2 weeks
  • Results are usually faster than fixed or invisible braces
  • They can easily be removed to eat and clean your teeth

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