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Three reasons for dental implants

For many people the reason for dental implants is cosmetic which can greatly improve someone’s confidence and lifestyle, but there are clinical reasons for getting teeth implants such as being able to chew food correctly and misplacement of existing teeth which then can result in other problems.

The three main reasons for getting a dental implant


When people lose a tooth, previously the main options for the future were to leave the space, or to have a bridge or denture to fill the space. Now it is well known that the best cosmetic option which is least destructive of the surrounding teeth and feels most like your own teeth is the dental implant.


Chewing Food

Your mouth and jaw are designed to operate together at maximum efficiency. When you lose a tooth, the effectiveness decreases. This may mean that you either place more stress on the other teeth in order to chew all the food you eat and you might have to cut out certain favorite foods because you cannot chew them thoroughly. For each missing tooth, you lose approximately 10% of your remaining ability to chew food.


Mis-alignment of teeth

Missing teeth can also mean the teeth adjacent to the space left by the missing tooth will eventually shift. This causes the existing teeth to grow too long or into the missing space, causing an uneven smile and in some cases tooth decay. This is because the misaligned teeth are harder to clean and any teeth that are growing too fast into an opposing gap may have their root exposed which can result in loose, painful and sensitive teeth. All this can happen if one tooth is lost. When you lose a tooth or teeth it can result in bone loss over time, which can then result in the facial muscles of the cheeks to sink into the mouth and giving you a look that is much older than your years.

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Recent placement of two dental implants for patient Trevor Lyster on 05/04/2018







“I was really pleased with my implants. A few days after the final implant crowns were fitted I could hardly tell which were my real teeth and which were my implants. I can now eat away without thinking about it” Trevor Lyster

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