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General Dentistry

From preventive and restorative treatments to replacing missing teeth and dealing with emergencies,
general dentistry is at the heart of what Affinity Dental Care does best.

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General Treatments

At Affinity Dental Care we over a range of general dental treatments which can be categorised into preventative dental treatments, Restorative dental treatments and Emergencies.  

Preventative dental treatments include oral health education, 6 monthly dental check up's and cleaning of your teeth.  These practices are designed to ensure that teeth are clean, strong and white. 

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At Affinity Dental Care we believe that good oral hygiene is the key to excellent dental health and is vital in eliminating gum disease and decay which can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Our highly trained hygienists work with you and your dentist to ensure healthy gums, fresh breath and outstanding oral health.

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Children's Treatments

At Affinity Dental Care we pride ourselves on our family orientated practice. We are more than happy to treat children on the NHS as long as their parents attend the practice.

Our aim is to encourage children to come to the practice from an early age to dispel any fears or phobias.

Our child friendly play area and patient plan put great emphasis on prevention and we have information available for both adults and children on how to avoid dental decay and maintain a healthy smile. 

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